Privacy Statement

A completed Club Resort Intervals, LLC., (“CRI”), Membership Application, when, and if, accepted by CRI would form a legally enforceable contract (“Agreement”) between CRI and the successful applicant (“CRI Member(s)”). CRI Members are entitled to participate in CRI’s Resort Travel Club based upon and subject to the following options, terms and conditions that, together with the Membership Application, constitute the entire “Agreement” between CRI and the CRI Member.

  • CRI offers the following Resort Travel Club Membership options:
    • CRI offers this exclusive Membership opportunity: A yearly renewable Club Resort Intervals Membership. Subject to CRI Members’ full compliance with the procedures and requirements set forth below, this Membership term entitles the CRI Member to receive resort accommodations through the Resort Club and all other Travel services offered through it’s subsidiary, Vacation Getaway Travel, Inc., through the Resort Travel Club program.
    • Membership in the Resort Travel Club is available to individuals and families only. The benefits of said Membership, such as accommodation fulfillment, may not be re-sold, however, a Guest Certificate may be purchased for $29 USD, which entitles a guest to check-in to a resort unit confirmed by a CRI Member. A maximum number of twelve (12) Guest Certificates may be purchased during any one year, depending on the Type of Membership.
    • CRI Members may use the resort time available under the terms and conditions of their Membership. CRI Members may use “MEMBER REQUESTED WEEKS” and “HOT WEEK GETAWAYS” throughout their Membership Term as stated on the front side of this Agreement, and are explained in paragraphs “C” and “P” below.
    • Club Resort Intervals offers the largest and most experienced clearinghouse for resort vacation properties in the United States and around the world, with savings up to 30-70% off one-week resort stays. We provide: studio; one-bedroom; and two-bedroom units; that sleep two persons; four persons; and six persons, respectively.
    • CRI Members and their immediate family members have unlimited access to our in-house Travel Agency, Vacation Getaway Travel, Inc., for savings on a number of travel related benefits, including direction to the lowest available published airfare(s), discounted cruises, discounted car rentals, and an abundance of greatly discounted vacation packages (airfare, hotel, and car rental) and all-inclusive vacation packages to Mexico and the Caribbean.
    • CRI Members also have unlimited access to these sub-memberships; Hotel Access for up to 50% off hotel stays, Golf Access for up to 50% off golf greens fees, Dining Access, and Cruise America for 10% off motor home rentals. Directions for use of these sub-memberships are located in each CRI Member’s Membership Kit and online at
  • The Resort Travel Club application process is as follows:
    • An individual may apply to join CRI’s Resort Travel Club by submitting to a registered CRI Sales Office a completed and signed Membership Application, together with the applicable Club Enrollment Fee set forth on the reverse side. Once your application has been received, processed, Approved and Accepted, you will receive a CRI Membership Card and personal Resort Travel Club Membership Number. CRI reserves the right to refuse to Approve and Accept a Membership Application in which case the CRI Sales Office would return the Club Enrollment Fee to the applicant.
  • When CRI Members want to USE their resort accommodations, the following procedure(s) applies:
    • When the CRI Member would like to use one or more of his/her “MEMBER REQUESTED WEEKS,” the CRI Member must place a Request. A Request is placed by transmitting a completed Resort Request Form to CRI as far in advance of the requested resort times as possible in order to increase CRI’s ability to successfully confirm the CRI Member’s Resort Request. CRI Members may transmit Resort Requests via telephone, fax, e-mail, or online at Once a request is received from a CRI Member and processed, CRI will offer available resort space to CRI Members who have requested a destination area.
    • CRI’s ability to confirm a Resort Request is dependent upon resort availability therefore CRI cannot guarantee specific resort choices or travel times.
    • When a CRI Member accepts an offered resort property, it becomes a final confirmation. At the time of confirmation, the “Room Fee” is due and payable as described in paragraph 4, below, and the transaction becomes a non-refundable final sale.
    • Once CRI has confirmed the CRI Member’s Resort Request, the CRI Member must, within one (1) day of CRI’s confirmation, transmit to CRI the applicable “Room Fee.” Once CRI receives the applicable “Room Fee,” it will transmit to the CRI Member a confirmation, which the CRI Member must present at the time of check-in. The CRI Member is responsible for reviewing the information on the confirmation. If there is a discrepancy in the written confirmation, the CRI Member must contact CRI Customer Service immediately. All confirmed Resort Requests are final sales and all Room Fees are non-refundable unless the CRI Member purchases insurance at the time of confirmation as described in paragraph 5.
    • CRI Members have the option to purchase travelers insurance through CRI’s preferred insurance company, TravelGuard. Insurance is available on all CRIvacations and should be purchased at the time of confirmation to protect the CRI Member from cancellation fees due to illness, death, weather, etc. Insurance pricing is determined by trip cost, vacation length, and travelers’ ages. CRI Members may have a CRI Representative confirm their insurance via telephone or visit to confirm their own insurance policies through TravelGuard.
  • CRI Members must present a copy of their confirmation when checking-in to a resort. Check-in and checkout times at particular resorts must be observed. If the CRI Member is planning to arrive after check-in time or after check-in day(s), it is his/her responsibility to make arrangements with the participating resort regarding late check-in procedures. If the CRI Member encounters a problem when checking-in to a particular resort, he/she must notify CRI immediately. The CRI Member is responsible for contacting the confirmed resort 48 hours prior to check-in to reconfirm reservations directly with the resort. CRI Members and their guests must abide by the rules and bylaws of the resort they are visiting including, but not limited to, occupancy limits for each resort unit and the strict ‘NO PETS’ policy.
  • CRI Members shall be responsible for all personal charges such as telephone calls, meals or any other fees incurred at their confirmed Resort Property. One-week resort stay pricing does not include transportation to/from the Resort Property unless it has been specifically determined to be a package deal by CRI.
  • CRI Members are responsible for any damages that they, or their guests, cause while visiting a resort and will be required to pay for such damages.
  • CRI has made every effort to ensure the quality of its participating resorts, however, CRI disclaims all warranties as to the characteristics of any participating resort. CRI shall not be responsible for any representations made by any person beyond the representations contained in this agreement.
  • Although it is CRI’s policy that its Members not pay additional fees for items other than those described herein, some resorts and governments may retain certain fees. Some jurisdictions have imposed a tax on resort occupants. Members shall be responsible for any bed tax, transient occupancy tax or any similar charge, which may be imposed by a particular government authority. Separate (required or optional) housekeeping/maid service fees, assessments, security deposits, or similar charges may apply to certain resorts and are the sole responsibility of the Member, generally payable at the time of check-in. CRI will inform the Members as CRI is made aware of such fees.
  • CRI’s liability for injury, loss, or damage to persons or property incurred through the use of CRI’s Resort Club by any person is limited to the fees paid to CRI by the CRI Member. In no event will CRI be liable for damages suffered as a result of resort unavailability caused by any reason beyond CRI’s control. In the event of such an occurrence, CRI will make reasonable efforts to arrange for and offer to the CRI Member alternative resort accommodations of equal or greater value than those rendered unavailable, however, CRI disclaims any liability to do so or for not doing so.
  • The options, terms and conditions of this Agreement are subject to change by CRI, at any time and without prior notice.
  • This Agreement, together with CRI Membership status, may be suspended or terminated at the discretion of CRI without further obligation if, in the opinion of CRI, the CRI Member has failed to comply with the Terms and Conditions set forth in this Agreement or the rules of CRI’s participating resorts.
  • CRI Members must be at least 21 years of age or accompanied by a legal guardian to be permitted into the participating resorts. CRI Members will be responsible for actions taken by children and guests accompanying them.
  • The laws of the State of New Hampshire govern this Agreement and CRI Members agree that the venue for any action at law or in equity concerning CRI or the Resort Club program shall be maintained in Hillsborough County, New Hampshire. If a CRI Member initiates an action at law or in equity and CRI prevails, the CRI Member shall pay all costs incurred by CRI in defending such action, including reasonable attorneys’ fees and court costs, if any.
  • CRI Members are responsible for Annual Dues Renewal Fees payable to CRI, on the CRI Member’s Anniversary Date, every one (1) year of Membership, in the amount of $99 USD. CRI reserves the right to adjust the Annual Dues Renewal Fee amount after the expiration of the first five (5) year period of Membership and during each succeeding one (1) year Membership period thereafter. A new membership card and updated Membership materials are issued upon receipt of the CRI Member’s Annual Dues Renewal Fee. Annual Dues Renewal Fees shall be utilized by CRI to defer the ongoing cost of CRI marketing and development towards maintaining CRI’s current resort relationships and developing new resort relationships for resort availability to CRI Members. Any increase would coincide with the consumer price index. Members who do not remit the Annual Dues Renewal Fee prior to the Anniversary Date will be classified as ‘Inactive’ and will not have access to their Membership benefits. Once a Member’s account has been ‘Inactive’ for one hundred eighty (180) consecutive days, a reinstatement fee of $149 USD will be due and payable to CRI.
  • CRI Members may transfer their Membership and the remaining benefits thereof to any person(s) in adherence with paragraph “B” abovementioned, and after Membership Application is Approved and Accepted, to pay a Transfer Fee of $249 USD. CRI will not assist in any re-sale of said Membership. Membership should be purchased for personal use and enjoyment, and not for capital gain or profit, or for any other investment purposes. Members are not allowed to lease or rent their Membership. CRI Memberships are willable at the time of the CRI Member’s inability to continue traveling through the Resort Travel Club Membership Program without a transfer fee.
  • CRI will also make available “HOT WEEK GETAWAYS,” which are last-minute one-week resort stays priced between $149 USD and $699 USD.
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